Long Distance

Living far away from close friends or family members? Don’t let distance keep you apart. With Pioneer’s Long Distance plans, you can stay as close as ever—we’ll have you covered, no matter where you are. Explore our Long Distance calling plans below.

Caller’s Advantage

Spend more than an hour each week on the phone with faraway loved ones? Choose Caller’s Advantage for a rate so great, you can stop counting minutes.

13.5 cents per minute*

The Easy Rate

Have a few folks to catch up with, but not much of a talker? This is the perfect plan for those who spent 2–3 hours or less per month on long distance calls. With no monthly fee, this plan lets you pay as you go, so you only pay for the time you spend on the phone.

15.5 cents per minute*

* Per Minute, anytime, including calls to the 50 United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and The Northern Marianas Islands (AKA Saipan). International calls vary.  Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 541-929-3135 or 541-563-3135 to learn more.


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