New VoiceMail System ….Coming April 14, 2014

This is a reminder that we will be upgrading your VoiceMail service to give you more convenience and value than ever before! On April 14th, your VoiceMail will be migrated over to the new system.

The new system offers many new features such as VoiceMail via the web, which allows you to deliver VoiceMail messages to email as an audio file. Stay tuned for more information using the VoiceMail on the web feature.

Because of this upgrade, you will need to re-establish your VoiceMail box. Because there are so many new features, we’re unable to put all the information in a document to mail you. However, a User Guide will be available on our website prior to April 14th.

What do I need to do?
On, or after April 14th, you will need to dial into your VoiceMail system from the phone number that has the VoiceMail feature and follow the prompts to reset your PIN number, record your name and your optional new personal greeting.

What happens to my VoiceMail messages that are stored in my previous VoiceMail box?
You will still be able to access messages that were saved on the previous VoiceMail system for 60 days after the upgrade date by dialing 541-Your Prefix-1234. After 60 days, the old system will no longer be available.

For more information, please contact a Customer Service Representative at (541) 929-3135 or (541) 563-3135.