Update on Pioneer’s Network Upgrade

Pioneer has been in the process of upgrading our voice network by installing a new Metaswitch Softswitch. The first step of our upgrade took place in April of 2014 when we upgraded our VoiceMail system. We have now turned our attention to our main switch and should complete migrating all phone lines into our new Metaswitch soon. With this change there are a number of changes that have taken place. Please see below for a list of changes that may affect you.


Rotary Phones

With our network upgrade, traditional rotary dial phones may no longer work. If your rotary phone no longer works, we have a few solutions for you to consider.


1. The easiest thing to do is simply replace your rotary phone with a more modern phone. You can find telephones at most electronic and variety stores. They can be feature rich or “plain and simple” whichever meets your needs. Or if you prefer to purchase a phone from Pioneer, we are selling our standard phone at our cost. (Approximately $21.00)


2. You can purchase a pulse to tone convertor, which should allow your rotary phone to continue to work. We understand the desire to use these nostalgic phones, however we should point out that while these convertors work today, we cannot guarantee that they will work in the future. A good source to look for a converter is at oldphoneworks.com.  This appears to be a good source for old phone parts as well.


3. We also have telephones that you can rent that are non-powered giving you the additional benefit of having a phone that will work if the power goes out. If you are already renting a rotary phone from Pioneer, just bring your rotary phone into one of our offices and we will exchange for a new rental phone at no charge.


Remote Call Forwarding

If you use Remote Call Forwarding, the telephone number to access this feature will be changing to 541-Your-Prefix-1233.
Also, with the upgrade, Remote Call Forwarding will require you to input your 10-digit phone number, (541 – plus your phone number), rather then 7-digit like the old network.


Call Forwarding ALL – *72

The system no longer provides a short ring as a reminder that Call Forwarding is activated.  If a call comes through, it immediately is redirected to the number to forward to.


Calling Feature Name Changes

A couple of name changes are taking place as well: Continuous Redial and Special Call Acceptance.  So there is no confusion when using these features, we will begin using the new names as well.

Continuous Redial is now: Auto Call Back

Special Call Acceptance is now:  Selective Call Acceptance


Toll Control with PIN

This feature gives you the ability to restrict long distance calling by requiring a pin number to be entered before a long distance call can be made.

As part of the upgrade, Toll Control with Pin will no longer restrict 1-800 calls. Generally, 800 calls are free of charge and our new switch manufacturer treats these calls as such. While we do not anticipate this change to have an effect on your service, we do want to point out that there are a few 800 businesses out there that can bill the consumer. The FCC has made it clear that a business cannot automatically place a charge on your bill unless you have an agreement with that business or they explained the charges and requested credit card information. If a call is made to one of these businesses, the caller can hang up prior to giving credit card information and no charge will be incurred. Again, these are exceptions to the 800 number rule, but they do exist.


Technical Difficulties

If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please contact us at 541-929-3135 or 541-563-3135