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Protect Your Home Telephone Wiring…

If your telephone line gives you trouble, NetProtect has you covered. NetProtect offers a comprehensive protection plan for all your inside wiring for internet and home phone services.

Pioneer’s NetProtect offers peace of mind by covering repair charges for standard inside telephone wiring and jacks. With NetProtect, you don’t have to worry about paying for a service call for your inside wiring.

Enjoy peace of mind for only $2.00/month*. This service is included FREE in all bundled packages.

With NetProtect, we’ve got you covered!

*There is a 15-day waiting period from the time of signing up. This service covers any inside wiring installed by Pioneer and other inside wiring installed to telephone industry standards. Telephones and other Customer Provided Equipment (CPE) are not covered by this service. Pioneer Telephone does, however, rent telephones and will replace defective rental equipment should it fail.