Local Numbers Being Spoofed

Most people have faith that the information that comes across Called ID is real.  Unfortunately, we’ve been getting reports that scammers are “spoofing” local numbers trying to trick you that someone local is calling. The scammers are using Caller ID to help make their scam seem more believable.  Their hope is that you’ll be more likely to answer a local call vs a phone number from out of the area. This latest scam is known as the Local Call Scam. Yes, spoofing Caller ID is illegal in the US, but as you know, that doesn’t deter scammers.

What Can You do to Protect Yourself Against Caller ID Spoofing?

• Don’t conduct business over the phone if you haven’t initiated the call. Get a call back number and call back if you’re interested in their products or services.
• Use your Caller ID as a screening tool.
• When you receive a call from a telephone number that you do not recognize, don’t automatically assume that the caller is legitimate.
• Only answer calls from people you know.  If it’s important, the caller can leave you a VoiceMail.

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