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What business internet speed do I need?

Want a better idea of what internet speed you should choose? Pick a file below and see how fast the different speeds download the files.


Please contact a Customer Service Representative for the plan that best fits your needs and the speed your line qualifies for:
541-929-3135 or 541-563-3135

Business Internet Packages


The best plan for small businesses on a budget. Gives you the speed you need to keep things running!


Do you have a remote server that your business requires? This is the plan for you! Fast and reliable.


Extreme speeds for growing businesses with multiple users that need blazing fast connections to keep their businesses running.


For the power businesses who simply needs the best Internet experience!

*All internet connections require an active Pioneer phone connection. Prices and plans are not available in all areas and do no reflect modem charges, taxes & fees which are separate.

You’ll Need A Modem

Wireless Modems


Purchased modems come with a one year warranty from purchase date. Leased modems are under a lifetime warranty.