Google’s Chromecast is Making a Splash!

While not as robust as its competitors in terms of content and a little reminiscent of a “USB Thumb-drive,” Google’s Chromecast is still proving to be an attractive product. This is due primarily to its low price however its ability to “cast” content onto your television which is very compelling. For $35 you can stream a Netflix movie, catch up on your favorite shows via Hulu Plus, watch Youtube content, maybe listen to Pandora or even watch HBO GO all on your TV, instead of your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Chromecast is a plug and play friendly HDMI dongle that works by connecting to your home wifi network. Content is then either “cast” or retrieved from its respective provider, (e.g. Netflix), on to your TV and controlled by your laptop, smartphone or tablet. That’s right, unlike other over-the-top devices, the Chromecast is controlled via Android and iOS devices, or through the Chrome Browser, instead of a remote.

Using the “casting” feature, which allows individual tabs in your Chrome browser to be “cast” onto the TV, virtually any content can be viewed on your TV, such as family photos or videos from your hard drive. In our testing, this feature was successful on all windows environments we checked, however the required “add on” to the Chrome browser had conflicts with the Ipad operating system we tested. We expect this to be a short lived issue, but currently there appears to be a problem “casting” via some Apple products.

While you may already have a streaming device such as Roku or Apple TV, the cost and portability of the new Chromecast product makes it a good option for spare TV’s and another option to limited cable in your hotel room when traveling.

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