General Manager Retires

On June 15, 2014 Jerry Schlachter, General Manager of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative retired. Jerry spent the last 48 years in the telecommunications industry serving in a variety of positions. He has been with Pioneer for the last 19 years and has been General Manager since 2006.

Jerry was instrumental in guiding the Cooperative through a redesign and rebuilding of our telecommunications network. Jerry’s knowledge of the industry has positioned the Cooperative well for the future. “I continue to see a bright future for Pioneer as a leader of our industry in Oregon” said Jerry.

Jerry is looking forward to having more time with his grandchildren and working on his golf game. Pioneer would like to wish Jerry a heartfelt thanks for his leadership and knowledge.

Michael Whalen will replace Jerry as the new General Manager effective June 15th. Michael graduated from the University of Minnesota and has been a CPA since 1988. He has been involved with the telecommunications industry for the last 25 years and has been the Financial Manager for Pioneer since 1996.

Michael serves on a number of industry boards including: the Oregon Exchange Carriers Association, Oregon Universal Service Advisory Board, Oregon Telecommunications Association, Casco Communications, and Western Independent Networks.