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Why bundle? Signing up for services together saves you money—plus, you’ll gain the convenience of getting all your services on one bill each month.

Essential Choice

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Perfect if you don’t make a lot of long-distance calls but want the flexibility just in case. Essential Choice gives you the best of all worlds with Internet, calling features and long-distance, plus you save money when you bundle.

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Freedom Choice

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The ultimate bundle for those who make a lot of long-distance calls during the month and want crystal clear voice connection, Internet and plenty of calling features. Freedom Choice is the bundle for you!

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Simple Choice

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Just looking for reliable, clear phone connection, with your choice of useful calling features? Simple Choice is the right package for you.

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*Some restrictions apply and based on current rates, which are subject to change. Pricing does not include $6 modem lease, taxes, fees or surcharges. Leased modems are under a lifetime warranty. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for more accurate pricing and speed availability.

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