A New Look Is Coming!

Over time, as it is with many things, evolution becomes necessary. The key is to evolve before it is too late, so one doesn’t suffer the fate of the dinosaurs, fountain pens or the View-Master. From our beginning, Pioneer has been doing just that – evolving. From rotary dial party lines to single touch tone service, and then on to Internet capability. Yes, it was just a few short years ago when Pioneer provided the first local access to the Internet for many of our members.

Over the years as our branding changed, we tried to reflect the time and feeling of our business. Creating images for our membership and potential customers that let them know who we are and what we are about. Once again, we stand upon the threshold of significant change. Taking into consideration both the needs and desires of our members, and the communications industry as a whole, our next step has become clear. We are more than a traditional voice carrier. We are now a broadband company with a robust network, that is setting a new course serving members and competitors alike!

This coming year, 2015, will be exciting in many ways. We will be moving from our traditional switching platform to an IP switch (see related article), that will afford us many new capabilities and features. The new IP switch will also be a significant catalyst in facilitating Pioneer’s further progression. While we will not abandon voice communications, it is important to recognize that our focus is shifting. We will, however, continue to look for opportunities to marry both our data and voice services and bring about the state-of-the-art technology that our members have come to expect.

As the New Year ushers in this exciting new technology platform, our image branding is also set to evolve to reflect these new capabilities. Starting in January, we will roll out a new and highly spirited logo, along with a tag line that will send a message to our customers that Pioneer is both contemporary and cutting edge. Bear in mind that there will be some overlap of the new and existing logos, but this will be short lived. At Pioneer we are embracing our industry’s evolution and look forward to bringing innovative technologies to our members for years to come.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new logo!