2015 Youth Tour Representative

Eston Smith is a junior at Waldport High School. His extracurricular activities include baseball, weightlifting and working two jobs. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, shooting, hiking and fishing.

After high school, Eston plans on attending Oregon State University to become a mechanical engineer. Eston is on honor roll and has attended TAG (Talent and Gifted) meetings since 7th grade. In 2014, he received Waldport High School’s “Outstanding English Student Award” and this year he was inaugurated into the National Merit Honors Society and was elected to be the Public Relations member of the club.

At the end of May, Eston went to Washington D.C. and got a firsthand look into the government processes and what is happening in the telecommunications industry. He also visited famous historic sites and monuments.

Congratulations Eston and we hope you enjoyed representing Pioneer in Washington D.C.!