Voicemail Help
Initial Setup

The first time you log in to your mailbox from the telephone number that has the VoiceMail Feature, you will receive a self-guided tutorial that will help you through the set up process. Here you will change your PIN, record your greeting and your name. The greeting and recorded name are played each time a caller accesses your mailbox to leave a message. You can also end the setup process at any point by ending the call. If you do so, you will be asked to complete the remaining setup steps the next time you enter your mailbox.
Initial set up must be done from a telephone that has the voicemail feature enabled:

• Dial the VoiceMail access number: 541-(Your Prefix)-1222 or dial *95.
• If you have not already set up a PIN #, your temporary password is the last 4-digits of your telephone number

Follow the self guided VoiceMail system to set up your VoiceMail.
After you set up your VoiceMail, you can access your mailbox from anywhere!
If you do not have a telephone line with your VoiceMail box, you will need to set up your VoiceMail manually. Your mailbox has been given a temporary PIN#. We recommend you change this immediately. If you do not know what your temporary PIN # is, please contact a Customer Service Representative.

Accessing Your Voicemail

From your own phone:

• Dial the VoiceMail access number: 541-(Your Prefix)-1222 or dial *95.
• Enter your VoiceMail PIN Plus #.

From another phone:

• Dial the VoiceMail access number 541-(Your Prefix)-1222 Plus *.
• Enter your telephone number Plus #.
• When prompted, enter your VoiceMail PIN Plus #.

Main Menu

To Get your messages Press (1)
To Send a message Press (2)
To Work with your greetings Press (3)
To Change your settings Press (4)
To Work with reminder messages Press (5)
To Get deleted messages Press (6)
To Log in as a different subscriber Press (7)

Helpful Hints

The Helpful Hints menu tells you about many of the features of VoiceMail, and the keys you can use to move around within it. The menu is broken up into a number of sections. Click here to download Helpful Hint guide.

You can move around the Helpful Hints menu in the following way:

1. Enter the Helpful Hints menu by pressing 0 from the Main menu or while retrieving your messages.
2. To step forward one hint, press #.
3. To return to the first hint, press 1.
4. To return to the Mailbox Settings menu, press *.

You can Press the following common keys at any point, in any menu.

• Press (8) to pause activity for 30 seconds Press any key to continue.
• Pressing (*) repeatedly to work you way back through the menus until you reach the main menu.
• Press (#) when recording will indicate the end of the input; otherwise it is used to move forward in a list of options.
• Press (0) at any time to get help. You can Press any of the following options while listening to your messages.
• Press and hold (6) to increase the volume of the message.
• Press (7) to slow the playback of the message.
• Press (8) to pause playback of the message for up to 20 seconds.
• Press (9) to speed up the playback of the message.
• Press (77) to skip back 5 seconds.
• Press (99) to skip forward 5 seconds.