Home Phone Calling Features

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Auto Call Back
Automatically redial the last number you dialed.

Anonymous Call Rejection
Included with Caller ID
Allows you to automatically reject calls from people who block their numbers.

Call Forwarding
Forward either all calls, busy calls, or after a number of rings to a specific phone number.

Caller ID
Know who’s calling before you pick up with this useful feature.

Call Transfer
Included w/ 3-Way Calling
Now you’ll be able to transfer calls to another phone number from in call.

Call Waiting
If you have an incoming call while you’re on the phone, this feature will let you know.

Call Trace
No Charge
Find out where harassing or unwanted phone calls are coming from.

Distinctive Ringing
A special ringer will be used to help you know what phone is being called.

Last Call Return
Be able to automatically redial your last incoming call.

Line Blocking
No Charge
Keep your information safe! Blocks your name and number from caller ID’s.

Privacy Defender
Control incoming calls with the ability to screen and reject unwanted.

Robocall Blocking
No Charge
Block unwanted robocalls so they won’t reach your phone.

Selective Call Acceptance
Create a list from which you are willing to accept calls from.

Selective Call Forwarding
Forward callers to another number from a list you’ve created.

Selective Call Rejection
Have the ability to block a list of phone numbers you don’t want to get calls from.

Speed Dialing
Quickly dial a select choice of numbers you setup.

Three Way Calling
Add a third party to an existing phone conversation.

Answers your calls when you can’t, no answering machine needed.