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Is Your Home Smart Enough?

Who would have thought twenty years ago that our homes would be intelligent and capable of communicating with us? Maybe the Jetsons knew, but I think the rest of us were just happy being war...

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High School Youth Tour Representative

Every summer, Pioneer sends a high school student to visit our nation’s capital and to learn about rural telecommunications. The tour provides a forum for teens to meet and interact with t...

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College Scholarships Available

Each year, Pioneer has awarded academic scholarships to students in our serving areas that are beginning and/or continuing their college careers.  In 2016, we added an additional scholarshi...

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Corvallis Half Marathon Registration Open

Since the beginning in 2011, Pioneer has been a proud sponsor of the Corvallis Half Marathon.  The Corvallis Half Marathon has benefited local charities and projects, such as the Linn-Bento...

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