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Speeds Email 100MB Monthly Fees
Up to 256k download speed ^ * 5 $31.95
Up to 3Mbps download speed ^ * 10 $41.95
Up to 6Mbps download speed ^ * 15 $56.95
Up to 16Mbps download speed ^ * 15 $66.95
Up to 20Mbps download speed ^ * 15 $71.95
Up to 50Mbps download speed ^ * 15 $84.95

∇ Based on current rates, which are subject to change. Modem charges, taxes, fees and surcharges are not included in the listed price. Six (6) month service commitment is required. If High Speed Internet service is cancelled prior to the 6 month commitment, you will be billed a $25 early cancellation charge. A 99¢ regulatory fee is charged by Peak Internet. Not all members qualify for 6Mbps - 50Mbps packages. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for availability.
^ Home telephone service required.
* Static IP's are $5.00 a month for each static IP

High Speed Internet Modems

Wired Modem
Lease - $6.00 per month
Purchase - $79.95

Wireless Modem
Lease - $8.00 per month
Purchase - $99.95

Purchased modems come with a one year warranty from purchase date. Leased modems are constantly under warranty.